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Despite not knowing what life has in store, it's possible to plan for the unexpected. Disability insurance is your financial protection if you become permanently disabled by an accident or serious illness and unable to work again.

It's easy to take good health for granted. But the reality is, sometimes we become ill or have an accident and, if it’s serious, we might be unable to work ever again. How would your family or your business cope if you were permanently disabled? Do you have a plan to provide for them? What would happen to your future plans, and theirs?

If you become permanently disabled by an accident or illness and are unable to work again, disability insurance products can provide financial stability by helping you meet on-going, day-to-day living expenses and helping you make appropriate changes in your life or business.

To find out more about how you can protect you and your family from disability, contact an adviser near you. 

A free disclosure statement is available on request.