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Fire and general insurance

Whatever you value should be covered by some sort of insurance. We can help you find the best protection for the assets you value most, like your car, your boat. We can even help ensure you're protected against disasters like earthquakes, fire and storms.

General insurance is another way of saying we can cover most of your major assets, like your house, contents, boat, car, glasshouse and much more. Insuring your belongings is generally a personal choice. However you should weigh up the risks carefully and consider the benefits of being covered for the unexpected.

The specific events or circumstances covered will vary from policy to policy. However some of the perils usually covered by general insurance include the risk of damage or loss caused by:

  • Accidental damage Burglary & Theft Fire
  • Storm/flood/lightning strike Falling tree or aerial Impact by aircraft, vehicle or animal Medical expenses (in the case of travel insurance)

What about earthquakes and other natural disasters?

Part of the premium you pay for your house and contents insurance policies is paid to the Earthquake Commission, to provide cover up to a specified limit in the event that your land, home or contents is damaged by an earthquake, tsunami, volcanic eruption, hydrothermal activity or natural landslip. It also covers your residential land (within limits) against storm and flood damage.

As at September 2012, the limits specified by the Earthquake Commission are:

  • For home insurance, $100,000 + GST (less an excess)
  • For contents insurance, $20,000 + GST (less an excess)

(Sourced from www.eqc.govt.nz, September 2012)

Cover up to your full sum insured, above the limits specified by the Earthquake Commission, maybe provided by your insurance policy.

How much general insurance do I need?

Ideally you should have enough insurance so that in the event of a claim, your insurance will help you return to the same financial position you were in before any damage or loss occurred.

That's why it's important you provide your insurer with an accurate account of all the belongings you wish to insure.

The type of cover you choose is a personal decision. Some policies have options to be covered for indemnity (or "present day") value, which is the value at any given time, taking into account the age and condition of the item. Or you can choose replacement value, which is the cost of fully repairing or replacing a damaged or lost item.

To discuss any of your general insurance needs, contact us.

A free disclosure statement is available on request.