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Life Insurance Calculator

Home Sum Insured Calculator

Life Insurance Calculator

This handy life insurance calculator can help you to estimate how much insurance you're likely to need.

When using these calculators, please remember that there is no one size fits all approach to insurance, so its always best to speak with an adviser before making any decisions.


Rate of Return:


Family income required: How much will my family need to continue living with a dignified lifestyle?
Number of years income required for:
Enough to fund dependants education: How much can I help with my childrens education costs?
Repay the mortgage: How much is my mortgage plus any credit card and Hire Purchase debt?
Final expenses: Enough to cover funeral and any legal costs plus any travel costs for family living away.
Enough to establish an emergency fund: A lump sum investment for a cushion in emergencies.


Existing life cover: How much life cover, including Mortgage Protection cover, do I have?
Saleable assets: What assets do I have that wouldn't be required and could be sold if I died?


To provide for the goals and objectives in the form of a lump sum, life insurance required equals...Assumptions: We have assumed that you are able to invest funds at a real rate of return of 3.0% per year after tax and in excess of inflation at 1.5%, the equivalent of earning about 7% per year from money on deposit at a bank.

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